Salamanca Gastronomy

The "cocina Charra" is essentially carnivorous. The fields in the province of Salamanca produce chestnuts and acorns that feed a pig farming capable of providing plenty products of charcuterie.

These include meats like sausage Salamanca, "chorizo cular", the "farinatos" (popular in Ciudad Rodrigo), which are sausages made with lard, bread crumbs, paprika, onion, salt and aniseed or cured ham Guijuelo.

With the sausage is made "hornazos" that are kind of pie filled with minced sausage, egg and pork loin.


Legumes are famous in the province, so It is get plenty of chickpeas (the most famous are those of the Pedrosillo), lentils (Armuña are known) and beans.


There are some traditional desserts of the province. Such are the "bollo maimón", rice and sugar "tortilla", "rosquillas de Ledesma" (small donuts). In the Alberca are prized "amarguillos" (almond cookies), sugared almonds of Alba de Tormes, and the "hojaldres de Ledesma".