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Study Spanish in Santander

A perfect location

Let there be no doubt that this vibrant city, situated on Spain's lush Green Coast, is a good choice for learning Spanish. Santander, the capital of the Cantabria region, lies surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes, with mild weather all year round. As a coastal city, Santander enjoys warm winters and very pleasant summers.

There are more than thirty public parks, four big museums, a fabulous Cathedral and many open stretches of sandy beaches. The history of the city and its 185.000 habitants is closely connected to the sea. This friendly city is situated in a privileged natural environment.

Besides, Santander has one of the best transport networks.

You can find several lines of urban transport, a funicular and also Santander has communication with the metropolitan area center by two commuter Feve lines, a commuter train and several bus routes.

And the most important thing is the existence of a ferry line connecting the Cantabrian capital with the English city of Plymouth. This trip is undertaken by the shipping Brittany company, Brittany Ferries.

Almost Castilian accent

Another important reason to learn spanish in Santander is that you can find almost a Castilian accent.

The accent in Santander is very similar to Castilian, which makes Santander an ideal place to learn Spanish. In northern Spain, there are many types of accents: Galician, Asturian... and even other languages such as Basque or Catalan.