Ingredients for the dough:

- Oil (250 cc)

- Milk (250 cc)

- Flour (1 kg)

- White wine ( 250 cc)

- Ground cinnamon

Ingredients for the syrup:

- Water

- Sugar

- Anisette

- Stick cinnamon



We mix the flour and the cinnamon in a bowl and then we add the wine, milk and oil. All ingredients must be kneaded during the necessary time until the dough is well made.

After that, we let the dough stand for 10 minutes.

For making the "pestiños", we take small bits of dough and we stretch them with a rolling pin and then, we must roll them up around the canes.

When the oil is boiling, we fry the canes with the dough rolled, but removing the canes of the "pestiños" before they are completely fried, helping us with tongs.

At the same time that we are frying the "pestiños", we prepare in other pot the syrup that we will use later for give to the "pestiños" the sweet final touch. So, we will put the water, sugar, stick cinnamon and anisette to cook on a slow heat.

When all the "pestiños" are already fried, we take them with tongs and we wet them into the syrup for brief seconds and then we let them drain briefly.