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Study Spanish in Salamanca

Salamanca is a city full of live largely by its university and young atmosphere.

A Internationally renowned university city

The University of Salamanca is the oldest in Spain, founded in 1218, and one of the first in Europe along with Paris, Oxford, and Bologna. That and the prestige of the language schools are some of the reasons why students choose this city to learn Spanish.

Salamanca has two universities and a large number of schools and academies where you can learn Spanish with qualified professionals. This makes Salamanca one of the most important student centers in Spain and a reference center for Spanish in the world.

Thanks to the university, Salamanca is a young city with great atmosphere in which it is very easy to make friends and practice speaking Spanish with their inhabitants.

Besides, Salamanca has the best Spanish spoken. Salamanca is located in Castilla-Leon, the Spanish region where people speaks with the purest spanish accent, called Castilian, which is the easiest to learn and understand.