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Spanish Courses Unamuno

Spanish Courses Unamuno is an Associated Centre of Cervantes Intitute. The school is located on the banks of the river Tormes, 5 minutes walk from the Mayor Square of Salamanca. An ideal location to enjoy both the green areas of the river and the beautiful historical monuments of the city.

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Avenida Reyes de España, 25
37008, Salamanca

Spanish Courses Unamuno is a small Spanish school, which you will be treated in a personal way. The maximum of pupils in each class is 10.

The school offers, in its general courses. The levels taught in Spanish Courses Unamuno are those corresponding to the 6 described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as the common European framework table:

  • A1 Beginner
  • A2 Advanced Beginner
  • B1 Intermediate
  • B2 Advanced
  • C1 Superior
  • C2 Masters Level

If you want to know your level, you can use their free online test

These levels are available for both general and intensive Spanish courses and also offers individual courses.

The school also has specific courses:

  • Technical Spanish course:

    This course offers you the opportunity to learn the technical language of Spanish in different areas. You can freely choose among legal, commercial and tourist areas as well as have access to visit different business sectors from a chosen field.
  • Medical Spanish language course:

    The objective of this course is for the student to learn and improve general Spanish and specialize in medical terminology and to develop knowledge for an improved communication with Spanish speaking patients.
  • Legal Spanish course:

    The course objective is that the student learn and improve his general Spanish, specialize in the legal terminology and develop his knowledge for a better communication with its spanish-speaking costumers.
  • Spanish for teachers:

    The Spanish Courses Unamuno is confirmed by the national Institute of Employment (INEM) as a center of education of teachers since 1991. Its primary objectives are modernizing your Spanish and updating you on the latest methodology techniques. Important: For several years now, the Colegio Unamuno has offered courses for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language in different countries, at the request of some institutions and professional groups that are unable to come to Spain.
  • Preparation for D.E.L.E.:

    (DIPLOMA OF SPANISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE) The experience of our teaching staff and the specialization of the course contents make this course the best choice to obtain any of the three different certificates of the D.E.L.E. The D.E.L.E. is the only officially recognized diploma by the Ministry of Education and Science.

You can contract with Spanish Courses Unamuno additional services to not have to worry about anything during your study stay in Salamanca, including:

And many cultural activities, for example:

Lear flamenco in Spanish Courses Unamuno

If you want to combine work and studies and belong to the European Union, Spanish Courses Unamuno offers an innovative work-study program: Work and learning

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